How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant often referred by the name Basil Plant, is grown in many households worldwide. The scientific name of the Tulsi Plant is Ocimum Basilicum. Since it is believed to be sacred the plant is also referred to in the form of Holy Basil or Vrinda. In Hindu homes in India, the people plant Tulsi in specific areas known as Tulsi Vrindavan.

Tulsi is also considered a sacred plant and is worshiped in many parts of India. Not only the Tulsi plant is sacred, but also serves many health benefits. It is consumed for curing many diseases and regular use of Tulsi leaves keeps one healthy inside out. And it’s grown in many households, but taking care of the tulsi plant is a whole other thing.

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant 

For growing the tulsi plant or any other plant, first, you have to understand the natural habitat of the plant, which means that you have to figure out what climatic conditions suit it the best or what kind of nutrition will make it bloom at its best. 

Tulsi plant is naturally grown in the wild but it is also a pot herb normally grown by people in their households. It is essentially a tropical plant and it needs a warm climate to grow and survive. 

If proper care is not given to the plant it dies. So, it’s important to take care of it properly. 

Here are some useful tips to take care of the Tulsi plant.


How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

Tulsi Plant needs sun exposure at least 3-4 hours a day. It also grows in shade, but absorption of sunlight is also important. Tulsi thrives in full sunlight and grows at its best. 


How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

As we are aware that water is the need of every living thing on the earth. Watering tulsi properly is helpful in growing tulsi, but avoid over watering it. 


How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

To grow Tulsi, the soil should be fertile. It must have all the important nutrients to grow a plant. Loamy and fertile soil is best known for growing the tulsi plant. 


How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

Pruning is needed throughout the year to grow a healthy plant of tulsi. Pruning helps in controlling the size of the plant and promotes compact and bushier growth. 

Check For Pests And Diseases

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

The plant of tulsi is normally free from pests and diseases, but when grown in poor conditions it could be attacked by some common pests and diseases. So, it’s better to avoid growing it in such conditions and use organic pesticides, if needed. 

Use Of Fertilizer

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

Using any fertilizer is a holy grail for any plant. Organic fertilizers are considered best for growing tulsi. Also, removing the top-notch soil and replacing it with compost is very beneficial for the growth of tulsi. 

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant In Summer 

Tulsi plant is naturally grown in warm places or conditions. But, smoking hot summers may not be suitable for your tulsi and could result in drying up of the plant. So, it’s important to take good care of the Tulsi Plant in Summer. 

Here are some tips to take care of the tulsi plant in summer.

Avoid Long Exposure To Sunlight

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

Exposing tulsi plants to sunlight for a longer duration of time could lead to drying up of the plant. While the plant needs to absorb heat 6-8 hours a day, if it’s too hot outside, it’s better to keep the plant away from the sunlight. 


How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

In Summer, watering your tulsi plant becomes extremely important, because the rate of evaporation is higher in Summer which leads to loss of moisture and eventually dying of the plant. So, water your tulsi plant more frequently in Summer. 

Maintain The Temperature

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

A warm temperature is needed to grow a tulsi plant, but not too hot. Avoid putting your tulsi plant in extremely hot conditions. Keep the plants indoors instead, in such conditions. Also, avoid watering with hot water as it also might increase the temperature of the plant.

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant In Winter 

As we know that Tulsi is naturally grown in warm conditions. But it is also possible to grow it in winter by making the suitable conditions to grow it and take care of it. If you create the required environment around the plant, it will live throughout the winter season without dying. 

Here are some tips to take care of the Tulsi plant in winter.

Proper Sunlight

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

The chilling winds of winter are not very suitable for the growth of the plant, but direct sunlight is really important for the plant. So, you could either take it outside for some time or keep it in a window or any place where direct sunlight falls. It would save the plant from the cold and also give it the required temperature.

Watering Carefully

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

Make sure that you are not overwatering your tulsi plant. Check the top layer of the soil, if it’s dry then it’s time to water the Tulsi plant. Do not pour more water into it if the soil is already wet. It could loosen and rot the roots resulting in a damaged plant. 

Protection From Diseases

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

Winter is not the perfect season for tulsi, so it’s important to protect it from all kinds of diseases and check for any abnormalities. Tulsi leaves, sometimes, convert into yellow or brown color. Brown leaves normally occur when the plant is not given enough water. Over watering of plants leads to yellow leaves. Spray some insecticides and pesticides, if required. 

Proper Fertilizers In Winter

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

In winter, proper Fertilizers are needed to keep all the nutrition in the soil. Keep it filled with Fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are best for the better growth of plants. 

Final Words 

Tulsi plant is a herb normally grown in most households. Some people plant it because they love plants, some for religious reasons, and some for health benefits. But overall it’s a good herb to have around the house.

Tulsi plant is also worshipped and spreads positive energy around itself. The Tulsi plant is flexible in nature because it could grow in any season as long as its requirements are met. So, plant it in your house or around your house and take good care of it with the help of these tips.

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