What Are The Downsides Of Living In Chicago?

Living in Chicago is a lot of fun thanks to its high towers, yummy pizzas and the cool museum. However, like all cities that aren’t perfect, there are a few bad aspects as well. We’ll dive more deeply into the negatives that come with living in The Windy City. Weather Woes Chicago’s weather is legendary …

Best hiking places within 60 minutes of Las Vegas

10 Best hiking places within 60 minutes of Las Vegas

Talk about parties and Vegas instantly comes to your mind. Las Vegas is one of the most popular party spots in the USA. But if you are a nature enthusiast who wants to balance out the loud fun at the clubs with quiet fun in nature, then read ahead to find the best nature spots …

15 Best Places To Live In New Mexico For Families 

Mexico is very well known for its geographical diversity in America. From hustling metropolitan cities and peaceful villages to deserts and mountains, you will find it all here in this beautiful southern state. New Mexico is also a highly desirable state to live in, and the population is around 2 million.  When you choose a …

Best Water Parks To Visit In New Jersey

10 Best Water Parks To Visit In New Jersey

New Jersey has 44 beaches over a distance of around 130 miles coastline, offering tourists and residents plenty of chances to get relief from the scorching summer sun. However, if you’re looking to include exciting water slides, stunning waves, tranquil lazy streams and many other activities into the mix, then the Garden State has plenty …

Hindu Temples Near Atlanta

8 Must Visit Hindu Temples Near Atlanta

Hindu temples are well known for their meticulous architecture and spiritual significance. They are now found almost all around the world.  The city of Atlanta is one such place where there are various Hindu temples, and people from different countries excitedly visit them. These temples engage their devotees in multiple social and religious practices. The …

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

How To Take Care Of Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant often referred by the name Basil Plant, is grown in many households worldwide. The scientific name of the Tulsi Plant is Ocimum Basilicum. Since it is believed to be sacred the plant is also referred to in the form of Holy Basil or Vrinda. In Hindu homes in India, the people plant Tulsi …

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