Frequently Asked Questions

Postings will expire in 30 days.

Yes, you need to register in order to create an account and post on Desifieds.

You can Visit https://desifieds.com/my-account/listings/ to edit and delete all your listings.

You can post as many times as you want but make sure you follow the content guidelines.

Yes, you can add pictures as well as videos to your listings.

You can create a free listing with your offerings under a relevant service category.

Category-specific guidelines posted in specific sections of the site must also be observed.

For your reference, there is also a non-comprehensive list of prohibited items/content.

There are several reasons why a posting may be removed or deleted, including:

  • Postings may be reported by other Desifieds users.
  • Postings may be removed by Desifieds automated systems.
  • Postings may be removed by Desifieds staff. 
  • Postings may be deleted by their author (you).
  • Postings eventually expire.

Postings may also be omitted or removed from category index pages and search indices.

You can buy at your own risk. Desifieds have no liability to any transaction or Business you engage with the person listed in the post.

No, we do not accept any payment for the listed product and services listed by an Individual or a Business.

Desifieds can send you promotional messages/email only if you have opted in for the option to receive text messages and marketing material.