Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

India is a country of rich culture and festivals and Diwali is not just any other festival, it is the most significant one that symbolizes togetherness and joy. The entire country feels one on this very day.

Everyone heads back home, no matter how busy their lives are. Diwali is a festival that connects people to people, family to family and region to region. Friends and families meet each other, exchange gifts and sweets.

Diwali 2022 is around the corner and people are almost done with the  preparations that usually start a month before Diwali and mostly involve decorations. It is also the most crucial part of the occasion. But if you procrastinated or didn’t  find time to prepare for the day, here we have some last minute Diwali decoration ideas to save you.

Let’s Begin with Diyas

Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

Diyas and candles are certainly unbeatable when it comes to decorations. You can buy some plain Diyas and decorate the boundary of your house with them. Lit Diyas will not only add aesthetics to your decoration, but also make your space look filled and lively.

You can put them along the walls, doors, entrances and pavements etc. if buying is also not possible, you can make your own Diyas at home with flour dough, eggshells and fruit peels etc. there are countless easy and simple ideas for making Diyas over the internet that you can use.

Candles Are A Savior

Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

Now, let’s play with candles and get creative. You can either go for simple candles or you can buy aroma candles. You can also use modern decoration ideas like floating candles. All you have to do is to find fancy decorated large bowls and fill them with water.

You can also add flower petals if you want and finally let your lit Diyas float inside the bowls. You can decide placements for the bowls according to your house or however you like. They will look alluring no matter what.

Flowers Mean Only Genda Phool

Tips to Celebrate Diwali

If you are Indian, you know how important Genda Phools (marigold flowers) are when it comes down to Diwali decorations. The reason behind using these flowers for the decoration is beyond just a beautiful look. Marigold flowers are also known as ‘herb of the sun’ and their fragrance works as a mood stabilizer. Apart from this, it is believed that vibrant yellow and orange color signifies new beginnings and prosperity in life. 

Considering the importance of these flowers, they are always available in the flower shops. So, we definitely suggest you get these flowers and decorate your home. You can decorate your house walls, living room and the dining table where the sweets will be served. These flowers are one of the easiest ways to add some spice to your decor.

Fairy Lights, A Game Changer

Tips to Celebrate Diwali

Decorating the exteriors of your house are equally important as the interiors are. While Diyas help you light up the insides of your home, fairy lights are an alternative for the outsides. They are easy to get and give you the maximum decoration vibes. 

Diwali is basically all about lights after all and fairy lights will be the best way to make it happen. All you need is, long fairy lights to cover the length of your walls and your Diwali decoration takes a step ahead with this.


Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

Rangolis are the best way to turn your last minute Diwali preparations around and can be done easily. They are of a great importance and also carry an aura of positivity and happiness. 

Rangolis can either be made with artificial powder or water colors that are easily available in the market, or you can use things like rice, floor and lentils etc. you can also buy powder color and stencils to make it easier. 

Rangolis look best at the entrance, but you can do it as per your own choice.

Try Paper Lanterns

Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

Are you out of ideas for Diwali decorations? Try paper lanterns or old school paper lanterns this time and thank us later.

You can make these paper lanterns at home using papers and alter their shape and size as per your choice. You can light them up and put them in the garden or hang them on your house balcony.

This would not only look creative but also give an elegant look. They are also believed to provide an atmosphere of positivity, good spirits and joy.

Deck Up Your Pooja Room

Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

Pooja is the center of Diwali, hence needs special attention. We all have a Pooja room in our home, and Diwali decoration is incomplete without Pooja room decoration. So why not deck it up and spread some positivity and a vibe of creativeness.

Start with cleaning up and putting everything in a proper place. You can again use Genda Phool and lights to highlight the background. Buying some brass lamps to light up the room and make it look brighter would be great if possible. You can give a final touch by adding Diyas, flowers and a well decorated Pooja thali.

Don’t Forget The Entrance

Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

Doors play a very big role in Diwali decorations and are also easy to beautify. You don’t need to be hectic to get your door decorations done. All you need is some basic things like Diyas, string lights and garlands.

You can also get some pretty torans while shopping for the decoration stuff. These are available in different shapes and sizes in all the decoration stores. They look so welcoming that you can leave them hanging even after the festival. 

Garlands Have It All  

Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

Diwali is so much more than just decoration, but that doesn’t make the decoration part less important. And the decoration would sound like nothing without an all decked up special corner in the house. Diwali festival is all about gifts, sweets and Diyas so, why not create a special corner to keep all of these symbolic items. 

You just need to gather up some Diyas, flowers and most importantly garlands. Beautify the corner and place everything symbolic there. 

A Final Touch With The Little Things

Diwali Decoration ideas for your Home

More is always less when we start Diwali decorations, but you need to be selective yet creative while decorating. You can always pick and choose the decoration ideas that you think are important and will add beauty to your space. 

There are countless small things that you can use to provide a final touch to your home.

You can start with keeping the idea of deep cleaning in your mind. You can also hype it with changing the curtains, bedsheets, or cushion covers. You can also come up with such ideas since you know what fits your home the best. 

The Bottom Line

Diwali is a big festival in India and has a great importance in our lives, and that also makes the decoration important for the occasion. Even if you didn’t start preparing a month ago, it still is possible.

The bigger this festival is, the more basic its preparations are, all depending upon person to person. One can just go on for months to get their homes decked up, the other can start a week before and still get the best decorations as per their own expectations.

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