How to Decorate Your Christmas

A well-decorated Christmas tree is the centerpiece of every household. It is the most iconic element of the season and undoubtedly has great importance. 

The art of decorating a Christmas tree isn’t hard to master, but even the most creative among us would struggle a little, especially when it comes to practical details.

It is not at all easy to make a sad twig of a tree look full of life and shine. Since it is a sacred ritual in most homes, getting your tree to look perfect should definitely be a priority.

Here are a few easy-to-follow-up steps to help you understand how to decorate your Christmas tree like a professional. These tips will ensure that your tree is both beloved and beautiful. 

Build a Theme

How to Decorate Your Christmas

If you want your tree to look professionally decorated, you need an element that ties everything together. You need to choose a specific Christmas tree theme on a particular colour theme, an ornament collection or either of these. 

You can also go for style inspiration, for which you can either use some online research on home décor sites or anything that you think can match your expectations. At last, you can create a mood board to help you pick out the decorations that fit your requirements. 

Ready The Tree And Gather Up Essentials

How to Decorate Your Christmas

For starters, you can find a perfect corner to place the Christmas tree. You also need to fluff all of the branches on the tree and make sure that the tree is standing straight because sometimes we leave the top half of the tree unnoticed, and it leans down by the time we finish the decoration.

Check if all the lights are working properly, and leave them on while you are decorating. That’s what the designers suggest. Try to look into everything because if something is malfunctioning, it’s easier to fix that before we start decorating. 

Now you can go on with gathering up all the essentials that you think you will use. You can start with the things like ornament hooks, pipe cleaners, zip ties, wire snips and scissors.

String The Lights

How to Decorate Your Christmas

Start from the bottom of the tree and circle your way upwards, weaving in and out of the branches. This will save you from later getting stuck in between the tangles. This might sound like a difficult task, but it is as easy as plugging lights into a wall socket. 

One more thing you can do is to check your lights to see if they are in a working position. You can also leave the lights on while decorating, as we mentioned earlier. This will help you have a better idea of how the lights are actually looking.

Divide Your Tree Into Sections

How to Decorate Your Christmas

To get a professional like decoration, you need to view your tree in sections: top, middle and bottom. Remember to start from the top section and then work your way down. For a more balanced look, you can segment your tree into quadrants.

 This will ensure no two sections turn out to look the same because it can give a messy appearance. Marking the divisions will also help you achieve a dramatic effect in the end.

Go For Classic Ornaments If Possible

How to Decorate Your Christmas

As we plan to deck up the halls for Christmas, there is one element that’s always on our tree: classic ornaments. Not only are classic ornaments an amazing layer of texture to your tree, but they are also a great way to bring a hint of nostalgia to the holiday and blend well with the rest of the decoration. 

Nothing can match the kind of classy that these classic ornaments offer you. Go for gold, copper or brass yet classic ornaments to glam up your tree This way. You can also save yourself from the hustle of making the colours look in great alignment.

Try Using Oversized Decorations

How to Decorate Your Christmas

To make your tree look like a real statement piece for Christmas, add oversized exaggerated decorations to the tree. Don’t try to limit your imagination by the standard procedures that are usually followed by people.

Make sure to stagger the ornaments around the tree and not place them directly above or directly beside one another. The largest ornaments should actually be placed on the bottom of the tree. You can use cable ties, floral wire or pipe cleaners to attach large items to the tree.

Mix Up Large And The Small Ornaments

How to Decorate Your Christmas

There are no fixed rules for hanging ornaments. However, as per experts, it’s better to begin with larger ones. They say the larger ornaments are supposed to be tucked deeper within the foliage to add depth. As a result, a beautiful, layered look can be achieved.

On the other hand, smaller ornaments look better when hung on the tips of the branches. This gives you a draping effect. Combining different ornament sizes gives you a bold statement.

Another way to style ornaments is to cluster them together. Irrelevant to size or the design, a group of ornaments of the same style together can help you get a seamless look. You can achieve a very playful contrast by using various designs.

Ribbons Are Your Saviour

How to Decorate Your Christmas

Ribbons are the easiest way to give an edge to your decorations. Another benefit of using wired ornaments is that they are easier to shape and style.

 For starters, you can use two ribbons with different styles and widths, layer them to create texture and finish the ribbon with a creative twist at the ends. There are thousands of ideas on the internet for how to use ribbons as decoration ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Add Some Filler

How to Decorate Your Christmas

Try adding some less expensive Christmas ornaments deep inside the tree. You will not get to have a clear vision of them, but it will reflect the lights and make the tree look fuller and will also fill up spaces if left empty. 

Try not to mess up the look while following this step. You will be delighted by the end result for sure.

Add Picks To Provide Dimension

Try giving your Christmas tree more Dimension by adding picks. You can go on with filling in the holes and make the tree look larger. Make sure that the picks are extending beyond the edges of the branches and are angled in different directions like; some upward, some downward and some sideways.

 You can also stagger various types of picks all over the tree. Don’t place similar types of picks too close to one another. Try combining three different picks together.

Adorn The Tree with Extras

Try adding some embellishments like ribbons and lightweight garland. You can also use things like glitter tapes. Glitter tape can be a little dicey to go with since it doesn’t stay in one place, so allow it to twist and turn as you go. That is exactly what makes it look awesome. You can twist a tree branch around the ribbon if it doesn’t stay in place. 

Try placing the ribbon in different directions so that it doesn’t look like it’s wrapped around the tree. You can also use some heirloom ornaments with beautiful details.

Add A Tree Topper

Adding a tree topper to your Christmas tree will definitely complement your theme. You can either go for a custom topper or make one with your bare hands.

 A topper added to your decorations will undoubtedly set you apart from the rest. 

The Bottom Line

Tree decorations are an essential part of the decoration for Christmas. You need to get your tree the right kind of look to not make it appear like a mess. You can follow these steps to get what you are looking for. 

If you are a minimalist and want your Christmas tree to look minimalistic, it’s not necessarily about having fewer decorations; you can still have enough, but you need to go with lighter colours and stick to not more than two will give your Christmas tree a glamorous yet minimalistic look.

On the other hand, if you prefer a broad maximalist look, you can mix and match as many colours and textures as you want. The brighter the colours, the better it looks.

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