Best Waterfalls in NY

New York is one of the world’s rarest cities that have the ability to offer multiple things on a platter. But did you know that New York is extremely popular for the thousands of waterfalls that rush through the state?

The scenic view that these waterfalls provide can literally take your breath away in seconds, and experiencing their unique settings is something you have to try atleast once in your life. The bad news is not so many people know the location of these hidden gems. 

Even the locals cannot tell where exactly the waterfalls are located, but everyone should consider taking a break from their busy schedule to check out these beautiful New York beauties. It is also a good way to get rid of the hustle and bustle of city living.

We have made a list of some extremely gorgeous and best waterfalls in NY (New York) that will simplify your search even better.

Niagara Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY

This is one of the most famous natural wonders in the world, which is located near the border of New York and canada. Niagara falls comprise three major waterfalls; American falls, Horseshoe falls, and Bridal Veil falls.

 If you are not planning an entire trip, you can consider zip lines, helicopter rides and the Niagara hornblower funicular.

But if you do want an entire trip and your budget allows you to do so, try riding on the maid of the mist boat that will bring you to the base of the falls. It’s absolutely free to walk around Niagara falls.

Kaaterskills Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY

This is basically New York state’s tallest waterfall and is also very famous among locals. The length of the waterfalls must be around 260 feet, higher than Niagara itself. 

Reaching the base of the falls is easy since it’s a short mile-long walk. Make sure to steer clear of the edge to get a full and beautiful view but do not get too close since it’s dangerous.

Buttermilk Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY

It is the most visited waterfall and is located in the state park in Ithaca. It is called ‘Buttermilk Falls’ because this natural, foaming cascade is formed by buttermilk creek that pushes its way down to Cayuga lake.

One can also swim in the natural pool under the falls in the summer. Fishing, hiking, hunting and field sports are some most popular park activities around the falls.

Rainbow Falls( Watkins Glen state park)

Best Waterfalls in NY

This waterfall is located in the state park of the Finger lake region. The best and most famous part of this place is the majestic rainbow falls. 

You can also walk around the falls through a variety of bridges that beautify your sight of vision even more. Hikes and treks are other options to engage yourself in fun activities.

Ithaca Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY

The popularity of Ithaca falls is not hidden from anyone since it’s a massive waterfall with a creek that’s famous for fly fishing. Ithaca is also considered the best town in New York because there are around 150 waterfalls around the area. One can also see Ithaca falls from lake street bridge but walking along the creek will give you the best view. 

The only bad part about this waterfall, perhaps, is the remains of lead contamination in the natural pool under the waterfall. Due to this, it’s not safe to swim around.

Upper Falls and Middle Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY

These are basically two strong waterfalls that feed on Genesee river in the grand canyon of the east Letchworth state park.

They are located close to each other, which makes it easy to witness both of them at once. Both the falls are extremely gorgeous and can be your next family hideout station.

Salmon River Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY

The salmon river falls around 110 feet in height and is surrounded by lush green forest. It is a crystal clear water waterfall located near Orwell. 

Salomon river falls is not at all popular, but that doesn’t make it any less stunning. It is a little secluded away in the New York forest but reaching there takes just an easy walk.

Eternal Flame Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY
Image Credit- commons.wikimedia.org

Eternal flame falls extremely popular for the ever-burning flame beneath the flowing water. Under the rushing waves of water, you will see a tiny eternal flame flickering, and there are only nine eternal flame waterfalls in the world, one of which exists here in New York state.

This flame is considered a symbol of eternal life, but scientifically, it’s an outcome of a natural gas leak below the surface.

Eagle Cliff Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY

The Eagle cliff waterfall is a towering waterfall flowing seamlessly between two massive rock walls. The exact location of this waterfall is Havana Glen park near the Finger lakes region.

One can reach there by walking and enjoy the view. It provides a great view with an amazingly calm atmosphere.

Bish Bash Falls

Best Waterfalls in NY

This waterfall is located around the border of Massachusetts and New York state. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New York. The route to the waterfalls is engulfed by a beautiful forest which makes the journey even more enjoyable. 

The falls can either be viewed from a little distance or from any picnic areas that you will witness around the falls. The most important part is that Bish Bash is the highest waterfall in Massachusetts, so there is no room for disappointment.

Awosting Falls 

Best Waterfalls in NY

Awosting falls also a part of Minnewaska state park and takes a very deep plunge into the natural pool below. The main routes to Awosting are flat and very easy to walk.

 You can find a good parking spot nearby, and it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to reach. You can visit the waterfalls in summer and winter both, but you will need weather/season-appropriate shoes.

The Bottom Line

Waterfalls are nature’s best gift to mankind, and being able to witness them is absolute bliss. New York has around 2000 waterfalls in total, and each one of them has something great to offer.

But it is not practically possible to visit each one, and not all are that scenic. It’s good to have a list of the best of them whether you are planning to visit or just researching.

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