Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

Welcoming you to Springfield, Illinois – a city that is rich in the past, culture and awe. No matter if you’re an avid historian or an artist or are simply seeking an unforgettable vacation, Springfield provides a wide array of activities. 

It is the city that is situated near the central region in the State of Illinois as it was the location where the president Abraham Lincoln was born. The historical significance of the city is one of the main reasons that thousands of people visit Springfield all year long.

From famous landmarks such as The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to picturesque parks and lively festivals There’s something for all to take pleasure in. Here are 10 best things to do in Springfield Illinois. 

Visit Illinois Governor’s Mansion

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

At one time, it was called”the “Executive Mansion,” this estate is a must visit in the list of Springfield tourist attractions.

For more than 160 years, the state has been home to Illinois governors.

Even though it’s been through some renovations over time but iconic charm has not changed.

Many remarkable stories, and famous individuals have been a part of the walls.

It’s not necessary to look at this Springfield mansion from afar also.Tours are available to allow you to tour this magnificent structure.

Such sites show the importance of a city that is historic. Beautifully constructed and with helpful guides who are willing to provide fascinating information about the property, The Illinois Governor’s Mansion is among the most popular attractions in Springfield.

Visiting Time: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ( Everyday) 

Enjoy The Beauty Of Washington Park Botanical Garden

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

Within this beautiful zone, there are over 1,000 stunning flowers as well as other stunning images. With over 9,000 square feet of space to discover, Washington Park Botanical Garden definitely has plenty to enjoy. It is one of the best things to do in Springfield Illinois.

It is truly a spot to stop and smell the roses, as like cacti and evergreen trees and many more.The plants can be seen in the space of the greenhouse and conservatory.

The best activities to take part in when you visit Springfield, IL are about connecting to your senses. It is said that the Washington Park Botanical garden makes it feel wonderful and relaxed.

Visiting Time :  From 12pm till 4pm on weekdays and from 12pm till 5 pm on weekends. 

Enjoy Coffee At Wm. Van’s Coffee House

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

Every place worth a visit regardless of whether they’re bustling metropolises of activity, or smaller towns, ought to contain at the very least one fantastic cafe.

Within Springfield, Illinois there are numerous excellent spots to go for a cup of joe, however Van’s Coffee House is one of the best. Van’s Coffee House is unique about it.

The atmosphere is an important factor in why people are drawn to it.

The house’s Italianate construction as well as the inside is full of vibrant art are a joy.

The menu is equally delicious which includes excellent tea and coffee, along with a variety of tasty food options including homemade desserts.

Wm. Van’s Coffee House has two places located in Springfield The location is currently in Springfield, but there may possibly be more locations in the near future. It’s wonderful to arrive at the hotel early at dawn to prepare for the day filled with activities.

Enjoy At Route 66 Drive In Theater

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

The theater is a perfect example of the ideals of a drive-in. Although drive-in cinemas aren’t quite so commonplace like they used to be, they’re still excellent sources of entertainment.

The Route 66 Drive In Theater is an excellent retro-themed attraction.

If you’re in Springfield during summer then you owe it yourself to take a look at the double-feature here. 

Going to a drive-in theater can be a great time as well, as if you can’t miss the Route 66 Drive In Theater is one of the best spots to catch one. 

It is possible to watch a film inside the convenience of your car.A visit to the Route 66 Drive In Theater is an excellent option to watch a film in Springfield.

Pay Your Respect At Camp Butler National Cemetery

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

The place is very moving where Union soldiers were in training as well as Confederate soldiers were imprisoned while they fought in the Civil War raged. The cemetery is the only thing that has been left, and a number of veterans were put to rest here.

If you’re in Springfield, IL for Memorial Day weekend or Veteran’s Day weekend, you must visit this cemetery. There are special celebrations to commemorate those who have died on these days. 

If you don’t, it is possible to express your gratitude for specific soldiers, or those that are buried here. It’s not necessary that every aspect of a trip has to focus on entertainment.

The likes of Camp Butler National Cemetery puts Springfield in the category of best destinations to go on a trip.

This beautiful cemetery is accessible from 8am till sunset every day.

Treat Yourself At Indigo Restaurant

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

Springfield at night has quite a distinct vibe. A very lovely one in fact. To enjoy a night out on the town take yourself and your guests with a fine meal.

Indigo Restaurant offers an eclectic menu, but the main ingredient is the quality.

A lot of people think that Indigo Restaurant to be one of the most popular restaurants located in Springfield, IL.

Get a reservation in the earliest possible time in case you’re planning to be visiting Springfield next weekend.

Have A Fun Day Out With Your Family At Henson Robinson Zoo

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

Henson Robinson Zoo is a great place you should be at for a memorable time with your family.After celebrating the 40th anniversary of its establishment the zoo continues to amaze.

There are species to be seen from miles away from your borders at the Henson Robinson Zoo. The animals are from all continents, with Antarctica being the only exception. Antarctica. Antarctica is in the Henson Robinson Zoo.

In spite of that, you will see penguins in this area, African penguins to be precise.

There are also lemurs as well as cougars, boa constrictors, cougars along with other fascinating creatures.

You should visit Henson Robinson Zoo. Henson Robinson Zoo in case they are a fan of tourist destinations that focus on animals.

Visiting Hours :  According to the season of the year.

Have A Fun Meal At Engrained Brewery & Restaurant

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

If you’re looking for a delicious dinner in Springfield which is also cooked in a way that is authentic, head to Engrained Brewery & Restaurant.

There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to enjoy one of the most delicious meals available in Springfield; however, you’ll be able to enjoy the advantages of food that is fresh from the farm to table.

The well-educated Brewery & Restaurant guests are ahead of the game prior to even looking on the menu. A well-trained Brewery & Restaurant shows there’s always a spot for food prepared with love and care. Food that is fresh and locally grown is the top of the line.

Springfield people are fortunate to have such an amazing area to eat, drink and dine.

Operating Time : Tuesdays and Saturdays between 11 am until 8 pm.

Dive Into The Ancient Stories At Springfield and Central Illinois African American History Museum

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

Discover the amazing story about African Americans in Springfield at the museum. The Springfield and Central Illinois African American History Museum explores this history.

The exhibitions showcase the important importance that plays Black Americans in Illinois and over the state.

The museum has exhibits of the world’s most famous people like President Barack Obama, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as president Barack Obama here.

The Springfield and Central Illinois African American History Museum showcases the work African Americans have done for American culture.

It is also possible to learn about certain aspects of Black historical events that you haven’t had the chance to learn much about.

Take A Walk With Springfield Walks

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

There’s no better method to communicate with the city than walking. Springfield Walks is a tour company that will take the pedestrians along with you throughout the wonderful cities of Springfield.

They go over some incredible past, and also some very strange things.

You can learn more about Abraham Lincoln through “The Lincoln Experience.”

But, you could also take a more frightening lesson with “Lincoln’s Ghost Walk.”

Although you could believe it’s just theology, it’s not hard to say the stories’ spooky nature.

The guide’s help will bring history to life and keeps the whole group including grandparents and kids fascinated. Springfield Walks offer you an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting of Springfield and also learn some interesting stories.

Visit Edwards Place Historic Home

Things To Do In Springfield Illinois

It’s quite amazing that so many Springfield places are tied with Abraham Lincoln.

For instance, take the Edwards Place Historic Home.

Many important events took place here but it is notable due to its importance in the burgeoning relationship that developed between Lincoln and his future bride, Mary Todd.

One of the most fascinating things to look at in Edwards Place, which was also home to Mary Todd’s younger sister, Elizabeth and Elizabeth, is the “courting couch.”

The word is Lincoln is likely to be sitting on the sofa with Mary Todd, looking at Mary Todd with a total love affair.

The furniture piece was so crucial in their marriage that it was actually at their side when they got married.Edwards Place Historic Home is an impressive building that is still in great shape after more than over 180 years.

Visiting Time : Every Tuesday through Friday during the hours of 9am until 5pm.  Also, on Saturdays from 9 a.m. between 3 and 10 p.m.

The Bottom Line 

To conclude, Springfield, Illinois, is a plethora of cultural, historical and leisure activities catering to many different preferences. Springfield, Illinois is overflowing with exciting and inspiring destinations to explore.

From visiting The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum or taking a stroll through beautiful parks such as Washington Park, there are plenty of exciting experiences to choose from like its unique tourist attraction, food and drink options and quaint atmosphere. Springfield has become a dazzling place that truly represents all the charm of America. American Midwest. 

If you’re a student of Abraham Lincoln, you’ll have many sites to visit.

Visit the most of these fantastic sites as you possibly can, be sure to appreciate the past of each one. This concludes 10 best things to do in Springfield Illinois.

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