Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

Chicago is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the American Midwest. The coldest months in Chicago are considered to be the best for love and romance. There are plenty of romantic things to do here, and each one involves a unique experience.

Chicago is also famous for being a balanced combination of neatly planned urban landscapes and a spot for leisure activities. From thermal baths to lush green parks and romantic restaurants, Chicago offers you everything to uplift romance with your partner. 

Here is a list of the 10 best things to do in Chicago for Couples

Try a Broadway Show in One Of Chicago’s Iconic Theater 

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

If you and your partner are fans of music, comedy, or any other form of entertainment, Chicago is the place for you. There are 250 theaters here in Chicago, each offering something fun and entertaining. You can also consider watching a Broadway show in the theater district. Live music is something you would instantly fall in love with, and there are also some independent shows happening if you dare to walk around the neighborhood. 

Tour Michigan Avenue By Horse And Carriage 

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

The big Amish horses are something you will definitely come across in Chicago, as they are a part of big city life there. There are a few operators serving Michigan Avenue that you can certainly use to get a city tour. Not only is it romantic, but it is also an easy and exciting way to see the sights. Carriage rides at night are something that we suggest you not miss because the city looks completely different at this hour of the day, and carriage rides make it even more beautiful. 

Sailing Across Lake Michigan 

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

Sailing on the Michigan Lake is one of the most surreal and romantic experiences that must be taken advantage of while in Chicago. You will find so many majestic yachts and tall ship cruises playing around the lake by day and in the evenings. You can easily explore the city’s architectural wonders from the lakefront. It is a perfect way to explore the city from a distance and spend time with your partner. 

Riding A Glass-Bottom Gondola on the Centennial Wheel 

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

This is a must-do for a couple to have an adventurous yet romantic experience in Chicago. This iconic wheel rises in the pier’s center, facing Lake Michigan. If you want to have a private round, there is a provision for that as well, for just $125. This allows you to ride in a VIP gondola with a glass floor, which makes the ride even more interesting and exciting for couples. 

Touring Chicago By Helicopter 

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

Touring Chicago by helicopter is definitely an insanely beautiful experience. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both of you, and we suggest you not miss it. The views above the windy city will leave you numb with excitement. You can also take a closer look at Chicago’s famous skyscrapers. The pilot will guide your entire tour and keep giving you briefings about the famous landmarks of the city. 

Tandem Bike Along The Lakefront Trail 

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

The great collection of parks and trails in Chicago makes it a very good place for cycling. Cycling is, anyway, a very romantic way to spend time with your partner, and when it’s possible in a beautiful city like Chicago, there is nothing more than one can ask for. The routes are all flat and scenic, which serves the purpose of cycling. Tandem bikes can be more fun for couples, and there are multiple bike rental companies in Chicago that provide tandem bikes, usually with free locks and helmets. 

Don’t Forget Chicago’s Observation Decks

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

If you are up for something thrilling, Chicago’s observation decks are for you. You will get to experience some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. The Sky Deck Ledge and 360 Chicago are considered the best places to have this experience. You will definitely love looking around from 1300 feet above the ground. It may sound a little scary, but it’s worth giving it a shot because it sure looks dreamy from above. 

Chicago Botanic Garden 

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

The Chicago Botanic Garden is located in Glencoe, which is a half-hour drive from the center point. The Botanic Garden is spread over 380 acres; there are 25 display gardens and four natural habitats as well. This is the best place to take a stroll in nature with your partner. You will find here a bonsai gallery, an aquatic garden, a vegetable garden, and much more. This place is the best if you want to spend some alone and peaceful time with your partner. 

Cocktails At The Green Mill Jazz Club 

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

This jazz club on Broadway Street is just perfect for a date night in Chicago. It is known for being one of the best places for romantic dinners in Chicago. A selection of mouthwatering signature drinks at this place is just beyond words. To make the experience more romantic, there is live jazz playing in the background. What more can a person ask for when everything is in one place?

Dining on Top Of a Skyscraper

Best Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

Nothing can be as beautiful as dining at Chicago’s heights. Sky-high dining is very popular among couples visiting Chicago, and it is a surreal experience for sure. The signature lounge on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building downtown is one of the best locations to do it. With dining and drinking, the place offers gorgeous sunset views. Another place to consider for sky-high dining is Cite, an upscale American restaurant with French influences. 

The Bottom Line 

Chicago is known for romantic adventures and exciting excursions. There are numerous activities to indulge in, from cycling to fine dining to fun snacks. The city offers beauty and adventure at the same time. Whether you are a fan of museums or love the outdoors, Chicago gives you everything to your liking. It is the perfect destination to spend quality time with your partner and explore things together. If you are a shopping person, there are vibrant shopping districts available for you. The nightlife in Chicago is also very beautiful and cozy, which makes the city perfect for romantic occasions. 

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