Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

Meditation is a state of eternal peace that the body experiences when the mind is serene and silent yet fully aware of the surroundings. The origin of Meditation still remains unknown, but it dates back thousands of years. It is believed that Lord Buddha has a lot to do with its rise. 

As our lives get hectic, we all look for that little me time. Spirituality is one such way where one gets all the time and space to explore themselves, and Meditation is a part of it. 

In today’s time, life is completely different from what we used ro experience earlier. Now it is way too hustling and full of stress, and this is one of the reasons why Meditation centers are becoming popular. 

Incorporating wellness in lifestyles to maintain physical and mental well-being is crucial nowadays. 

So, If you want to unplug, decompress and find peace and harmony, Meditation is your savior. 

We have compiled a list of 10 best destinations for Meditation that offer something unique to help you find peace.

Stillpoint Lodge- Halibut Cove Alaska 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

This is a secluded lodge located near Kachemak bay park in Alaska that offers both guided Meditation and yoga. This place also provides you with marvelous wilderness to connect with nature. 

There is a silent Meditation space as well, which is available 24 hours a day. To make it even better, one gets soft lighting for calmness and stillness. The food here includes local cuisines made with fresh local ingredients. 

Ananda In The Himalayas-Uttarakhand 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

It is a 100-acre retreat followed by sweeping vistas of the Ganges river. The clientele here is quite versatile. You will witness people from jet setters to serious Meditation practitioners. What makes this place different is that the sessions here are customized to each individual’s needs. 

The place is surrounded by an amazing mountain view, and the sessions can be held indoors or outdoors, lasting from an hour to an entire morning/afternoon.

There is also a 21000 sq foot spa, antique billiard rooms, and a tea lounge to have fun with.

Shambhala Mountain Center- Red Feather Lakes, Colorado 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

This beautiful destination is located in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. There are multiple programs ranging from “Introduction to mindfulness-Based stress reduction” to “The path of simply being.” 

The programs here focus mainly on mindful living, awakening consciousness, and personal transformation. One can completely immerse themselves in a journey of self-exploration while enjoying the modern amenities that this place offers. 

Spirit Rock Meditation Center – Woodacre California 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

This Meditation center is located near San Francisco, which sits upon marvelous lands once used by native Americans for spiritual purposes. 

The center offers programs varying from full-day courses to residential retreats for as long as two months. Some people come here to heal, and some find it best if they are unable to comprehend life transitions and want to learn how to face them. 

No matter what people carry within them when they arrive, while leaving, they surely get their answers. 

Rolling Meadow – Brooks Maine 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

This place is the best for serious unplugging with a peaceful Meditation and yoga retreat facing the hills of coastal Maine.

These retreats are designed to simplify life which provides a blissful atmosphere. 

There are multiple Meditation sessions, yoga, and some free time between the sessions to enjoy the beauty of the land.

The property spreads around 100 acres which includes hiking trails and a spring-fed pond for swimming.

The Middle Way Meditation Retreat – Pai Thailand 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

This place is surrounded by a gorgeous green valley and is adjacent to the Pai river. The practice revolves around a very old Meditation technique that emphasizes the center of the body as a gateway to Supreme consciousness. 

The property offers both indoor and outdoor Meditation spaces.

One can sit in nature while engulfed in self-exploration.

Kalyana Center For Mindfulness – Dingle Ireland 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

This center is located in one of the most incredible places on earth – Ireland’s South West region. Retreats and classes are formulated on the bases of Mindfulness Meditation or Mindfulness-based stress reduction. 

The place offers Tibetan healing yoga as well, which is also known as Kum Nye. Sitting, walking, standing, lying down, loving, and practicing kindness and compassion are all a part of Meditation programs.

Osho Meditation Resort – Pune, India 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

Osho’s teachings are a big thing in Meditation culture, inspiring the thousands coming to Osho Meditation resort. He talks about awareness, totality, and conscious living. 

People visit this place to reconnect with themselves or to find a way towards a more meaningful life. The campus is located just outside Bombay. The guests are required to wear dark red robes to keep Osho’s belief intact as it says the color maroon, when worn by many people together, adds to the collective meditative energy.

Amenities here include extensive zen gardens, a swimming pool, an amazing Meditation auditorium, basketball/tennis courts, nightclub, etc.

Ala Kukui – Maui, Hawaii 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

The name of the center, Ala Kukui, refers to the “pathway of illumination.” This place is a hub for those seeking spiritual restoration, creative expression, and intercultural exchange.

This place is located in Hana, which is known for the heavens meeting the earth. 

The center offers a variety of things like; Vipassana Meditation, silent and healing retreats, programs in yoga writing, and many more.

Holy Isle – Isle Of Arran, Scotland 

Best Destinations For Meditation in The World

It is a two-mile-long Island located on Scotland’s west coast. The island is known for its rugged coastline and fragile ecosystem that includes centuries-old animal species.

The Meditation Retreats are known as the center for world peace and health. There are also long-term residents living here in peace for years. This place offers various programs to help people find a spiritual way of living and finding their true selves. 

The Bottom Line 

Every wise individual understands that there are times when it is important to walk out in a forest or in the mountains or to go into nature and listen. In today’s era, where even breathing has become a task to perform, it is important not to forget who we are, and Meditation provides us with all the ways to find ourselves.

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