Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

India comes on top in immigration, and most of it has gone around the USA. There are almost 2.4 million Indians living in the country. The USA has always been extremely cordial with India whenever it came to immigrants. But moving to a country like the USA can never be easy, and there is a lot to take into consideration before moving out. It can be from expenses to a good area to live in, and it does not end there only. You also need to have a list of places that you think will suit your budget and comfort.

Are you also planning to settle in the USA but have no idea which places to pick? Don’t worry because we are going to make it easy for you.

Even if you are a student, you can easily go to these places since all the factors in these places are on your side, whether it’s the price, economy, crime rate, good universities to study, job opportunities or any other activities that you might be interested in.

Here are the 8 best cities to live in usa for indian immigrants.

San Diego

Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

San Diego has been hosting around 70000 Indian students per year, which is a big number. Apart from all the great opportunities, this place offers you affordable living as well, and the scenic beauty of the city will leave you mesmerised. 

The beautiful sandy beaches and a wide range of shopping malls provide an edge to the city. If you are a food lover, you are going to have a great time here since the Mexican food here is exquisite.

The climate is also very favourable, and job opportunities are massively available. You can literally have fun in the city and also save money at the same time.


Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

This place is amazing for educational and job opportunities, which makes it the best option for both students and employees. The basic necessities are cheap, and living is very affordable. There are job opportunities in multiple fields like biomedical, finance and engineering etc.

The other pros of Pittsburgh are that other cities are also easily accessible from here, which makes it easy for you to travel if needed.


Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

Boston is pretty famous for the cultural programs that are available for Indian students here. Apart from affordable living, this place has some of the top universities like Harvard University and Boston University. If you are an Indian student planning to study in Boston, you might want to consider using an image metadata checker to ensure that the images you use for your projects are properly credited and comply with copyright laws.

The city offers quality education, and if you want to work, there certainly are multiple options that you can go for, and if we talk about housing, you need not worry because that is also within budget.


Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

This is the city that hosts the largest number of Indians and carries an amazing culture of immigration. This is the place where most cultural events take place to bring India and the USA together.

Dallas offers a wide range of job opportunities and is a very good place for educational purposes as well. 

The cost of living is also pretty low, and the city gives you a very homely vibe. You will probably not feel very homesick here since the city is already hosting a large number of people from India.


Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

This city is known for having the most per capita momentum than any other state in the USA. There is a diverse range of jobs available for you as well, especially in the IT industry or anything tech related.

The universities here are also cheaper than the other cities, but the quality of education remains the same. It is as good as in any other city in the USA. If you are a student, this palace might work as heaven for you because this place is considered the best place to live for university students.


Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

If you are planning to study automobiles or anything related to automobiles, Atlanta is the place for you.

This city is all about automobile corporations, and all the big automobile corporations like BMW, Mercedes and Porsche are housing in this city. 

So, whether you want to study automobiles or you want to work in the same field, Atlanta has it all. Other big corporations like coca-cola are also in the same city, which makes it a safe haven for working professionals.


Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

Chicago is also a city that is full of opportunities for immigrants. If you want to surround yourself with a metropolitan vibe, Chicago is the place for you. The quality of education is top-notch here so are the job opportunities.

The city is pretty good for other activities like skydiving and skiing etc. too. Chicago is also called a music city, so if you are planning to do something in music, you can go to this place. There are so many tourist locations here, and the standard of living is also inexpensive.


Best Cities To Live In USA For Indian Immigrants

Houston is a very large state in the US, perhaps the 4th largest. This place has the most number of fortune 500 countries, which makes it the best for job opportunities. 

If you are planning to study astronomy, Houston is your destination. 

There are so many tourist places in Houston, and NASA’s home centre is also here. The cost of living is a lot cheaper than in most of the cities in the USA. Educational opportunities in Houston are good, and there are a large number of good universities here, like; Ivy League. 

A larger number of Indians are already residing here, which makes so many cultural programs a must.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a different country, whether for studies or job opportunities, is a difficult task and what makes it even more difficult is to look for a well-suited place to live.

Countries like the USA can be expensive, and the differences like cultural, lingual, food, climate etc., can make it even more challenging. 

So before moving out, one needs to research well and choose the place to live very wisely. It might sound a little tricky in the beginning, but once you start the process, you will certainly pick the best for yourself.

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