Who is Kinjal Dave

Can I get a high five from Gujjus here? Hey guys! Of course, you must know our queen, Kinjal! Do you not? In this article, we are going to get to know this Gujarati sensation, her biography, her parents, her birthday, her lifestyle, and more.

Kinjal Dave is a popular folk singer and actress from Gujarat, India. This 23-year-old singer was born on November 24, 1999, and is quite famous in the music industry. Having worked with many popular Bollywood singers, Kinjal has had her share of struggles. Her current position as a reputed singer in Bollywood is the result of her hard work and consistency.

Kinjal has also been a part of a few Gujarati movies. With over 1 lakh monthly listeners on Spotify, she is on the path to success. Some of her famous songs include “Leri Lala, Mauj Ma, and Jivi Le.” Kinjal Dave keeps away from the limelight, but in 2023, she came to the forefront when the news of her breakup started trending.

Kinjal Dave’s Early life

Who is Kinjal Dave

She was born in Jesangpura, a small village near Patan, Gujarat, but later moved to Ahmedabad with her family. Kinjal spent most of her early childhood and childhood years in Ahmedabad. She got involved in singing at the very early age of 7. 

One of the forces that drove her towards this was her father, Lalji Bhai Dave, who himself is a folk singer. He used to sing Gayatri Path, Bhajan, and Garba at local functions and earn some extra income for the family. Being the eldest child, she used to accompany her father at all these functions. Kinjal used to join her father at various singing events like these. Having had her basic training from her father, Kinjal soon started to get recognition and appreciation at these events. Her god-gifted and melodious voice was admired by the audience, which brought her local fame.

In addition to singing Laljibhai, Dave also used to work at a diamond company while Bhanuben (Kinjal’s mother) was a housewife. Kinjl also has a younger brother, Akash Dave, who she is very fond of. This is clearly evident as she often shares pictures with Akash on her social media.

Kinjal Dave’s Singing Journey

Who is Kinjal Dave

Kinjal Dave debuted as a professional singer with “Jonadiyo”. This Gujarati song became an instant hit as soon as it was released. In 2013, Kinjal came in contact with the big names in the Bollywood music industry, like Laganiya, Jonadiyo, DJ Boom, and others. All these big names were charmed by her melodious voice and offered to work with her.

Her song “Char Char Bangadiwali Gadi” came out in 2016 which became quite famous and also a turning point in her career. The publisher of this song, RDC Media and Studio Saraswati Studio, got sued along with Kinjal by Karthik Patel and Red Ribbon Entertainment under copyright infringement charges. Kinjal won the case in 2019 and has sung several hit songs since then.

She won the Gauravshali Gujarati Award for her voice and contribution to the music industry. She also won the Feelings Pride of India Award in 2020 in the music category. She received the Golden Play button from Yotuuber on February 6, 2022.

Kinjal Dave Personal Life

Who is Kinjal Dave

Currently happily single, Kinjal Dave’s previous boyfriend’s name is Pavan Joshi. Both of them have grown together and have known each other since childhood. On April 18, 2018, Kinjal announced her engagement with Pavan Joshi, but the relationship turned sour, and they got separated in 2023. There was no announcement of separation. Kinjal simply deleted her memory with Pavan Joshi from her Instagram. This gave an idea to her followers that they had separated ways.

Kinjal Dave Net Worth And Lifestyle

Who is Kinjal Dave

Coming from a middle-class family, Kinjal has fought with her fate to become a millionaire now. She had a comfortable life as a child, thanks to her father, but now she fulfills their dreams by giving them luxury accessories. Her estimated net worth currently stands at around ten crore INR.

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