Indian Values And Beliefs

India is one of the world’s oldest cultures, which began almost 4500 years back. The country is famous for its diverse cultures, multiple languages, and religions that amaze a person.

The outstanding architecture, fragrant spices, and the beauty of the beach and mountains are just mesmerizing. Traveling can take you deep into its cultural variations, beautiful architectural nuances, and mouth-melting food. 

India is also very famous for its diverse traditions, values, and beliefs. This can be very intriguing for outsiders as every belief and value has been there for thousands of years, and people still carry it forward tirelessly. Anyone visiting India can never forget the rich and varied culture it has. 

Here are some Indian values And beliefs that everyone should know about.

Festivals And Religions – The Soul Of The Nation 

Indian Values And Beliefs

There are numerous religions and groups that have been in existence for centuries now, and this is the reason why we get to see so many festivals and cultural activities happening in the country throughout the year.

Just like Eid is the festival of Muslims, Diwali is celebrated by the Hindus, Christians have good Friday and Christmas, Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi, Buddhists celebrate Budh Purnima, and Jains have Mahavir Jayanti.

All these festivals are not even half of what India actually celebrates. There are so many things happening on the micro level. The whole year is all about celebrating something or the other. 

The Significance of Namaste 

Indian Values And Beliefs

Namaste is how people greet in India, and it stays with everyone who ever got a chance to witness it.

It doesn’t seem to be restricted to India only, as so many people from across the world have been seen using Namaste as their way of greeting. 

Namaste is taken from the old Hindu scripture – Vedas, which means ” may our minds meet.” It signifies the reduction of one’s ego in the presence of the other. 

Fasting – A Form Of Affection And Gratitude 

Indian Values And Beliefs

Fasting is a very important part of Indian culture, and it is a way of expressing gratitude to the Gods and Goddesses.

Fasting has been an integral part of Indian culture, and people fast during various religious occasions.

Some people also fast on different days of the week to mention gratefulness.

There is a belief that fasting is the way through which one can cleanse off their sins by depriving themselves of basic necessities. 

Joint Families Still Exist 

Indian Values And Beliefs

If we talk about the family structure in India, it has nuclear and joint families as well. In joint families, there will be brothers, their wives and children, and in some cases, a few relatives living under the same roof.

It is believed in India that living like this can help reduce stress, and it is also a part of their culture that they prefer to stick with. 

Cows Are Considered Holy 

Indian Values And Beliefs

It can be surprising for so many people, but cows are a holy animal in India. She is worshipped as a maternal figure and carries an auspicious significance here.

It is believed that various gods like Lord Vishnu had cows around him as a child, and Lord Shiva’s trusted vehicle is Nandi-the sacred bull hence proving the holy significance of the animal. 

Arranged Marriage 

Indian Values And Beliefs

The concept of arranged marriage in India is taken from vedic times. In old times royal families used to arrange Swayamvars where so many suitable grooms would be called, and brides would be given a choice to choose their partners.

It does not exist in the same form, but people still choose ideal life partners for their children, and it is very much an integral part of Indian culture. 

Indian Temple Architecture

Indian Values And Beliefs

The science behind temple architecture in India has a lot to do with magnetic wave lines of the earth, as the temples in India are built accordingly so that the available positive energy can be maximized.

This is one of the reasons why people feel positive and calm as they enter temple premises. 

Religious Symbols 

Indian Values And Beliefs

Religious symbols are of great importance to Indian culture. They have multiple meanings and significance.

For example, Om is the prime symbol of Hinduism, and it serves as the Sonic representation of the divine, and the swastika signifies the four Vedas, the four constellations, or the four primary aims of human pursuit.

India And Its Ethnic Wear 

Indian Values And Beliefs

Although saris are the most famous attire in Indian culture, it is not the only outfit worn by Indian women.

As we go deeper inside the culture of India, the more versatility we find in every custom, culture, and belief. 

Yet, saris are the most worn and appreciated attire, which represents India on the world level. It is basically a single cloth draped around the body, and it needs no stitching.

Atithi Devo Bhava- Integral Part Of The Culture 

Indian Values And Beliefs

“Atithi devo brava” is a very important part of Indian culture as it means the guest is equivalent to God.

The verse is actually taken from Hindu scriptures and is an integral part of Indian culture. In India, guests have always been of Supreme importance. 

The Dance Forms In India

Indian Values And Beliefs

Like any other cultural activity, dance has also been an extremely important part of Indian culture.

There are multiple forms of dance that originated in different parts of the country.

For example, Bharatanatyam comes from Tamilnadu, and kathakali is from Kerala. Likewise, Kuchipudi is from Andhra Pradesh, and mohiniyattam is from Kerala.

Many other dance forms exist here in India, and they have been there for centuries and are an integral part of Indian culture. 

Indian Food 

Indian Values And Beliefs

Indian cuisines are world famous anyway, but not so many people know that the food of India is a core part of their culture.

The cooking style differs from region to region, and India has already gained fame for its wide variety of spices and herbs.

There is a wide variety of food in the country, which is one of the reasons why people from across the world find India worth traveling to.

Indian Martial Art 

Indian Values And Beliefs

It might be surprising for a lot of people, but India does have different forms of martial arts, and it is very much a part of the culture.

Many of these martial art forms originated centuries ago, and some of them need to use weaponry as well. 

Scripture And Their Importance 

Indian Values And Beliefs

Indian literature is very extensive and finds its origin somewhere back in vedic times. They are written in the form of poems, stories, and even self-help guides.

They play a very big role in Indian culture and also are a base for Indian values And ethics. Some of the most famous epics are Mahabharata, written by Ved Vyasa, and Ramayana. 

Eating With Hands 

Indian Values And Beliefs

Eating with hands might not sound appropriate for a lot of people, but in India, it is considered a very important part of their culture.

Although it Is more prevalent in South and east India as in the north and western part of India, people use spoons to eat.

It is believed that the right hand is a clean hand, and eating With Hands also helps one feel the temperature of the food to their taste. Eating with hands is considered a respectful gesture in India. 

The Bottom Line 

India is a country of diversity and love which is why people are often attracted by the versatility the country offers them.

Despite the diversity in cultures, religions, and languages, India is united in a surprising way. Indians take pride in respecting their values and beliefs that have been there for centuries. 

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