Hindu Temples Near Chicago

1. Shivalya Hindu Cultural Center

The Shivalya Hindu Cultural Center opened its doors to all the people regardless of their religion living near Chicago. You can see the sculpture of three powerful Hindu gods Hanuman, Ganesha, and Vishnu. 

In Indian culture, Lord Hanuman is a God with enormous strength, He is a devotee of Lord Ram. When you need any kind of strength physically or mentally Lord Hanuman is the lord to worship. 

Lord Ganesha is the symbol of intelligence, among all the Gods in Indian culture, Lord Ganesha was the most intelligent. Lord Vishnu in Indian culture is responsible for maintaining all lives around the universe, or you can even say multiverse. 

Shivalay is a perfect symbol for necessary life sources that you need to live your life meaningfully- strength, intelligence, and maintenance.

2. Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

One of the finest piece of arts craved on the top of hill is temple of Hindu Gods in Chicago. This temple is an ancient one you can see different Hindu Gods and can worship them. 

In most of the temples you will notice only one God and their “ Vahan ” or the animal that used to carry them to various places. In a Hindu temple near Chicago you can see a few Hindu gods, which is quite unique. 

In Hindu culture offering food is a sacred work. So, you can have a cafeteria where you will get good food and shelter in the hilly areas. This area offers some good quality Indian dishes for the visitors of the temple. Yet another reason to visit such a sacred and ancient place. 

3. ISKCON Chicago

ISKON temples are very common in India. If you visit a ISKON temple near Chicago you can see the actual culture of Indians. Inside the temple various religious activities like prayers and mediation are part of the daily rituals. Person who is in charge of prayers is “poojari”. 

Once the “Pooja” or prayer is over you can have “Prasad”. Prasad is nothing but food that is served with utmost gratitude. Well you can also get Tamarind Rice, veg rice, and various Indian dishes as your Prasad. So make sure you do not miss out on this place.

4. Shree Swaminarayan Temple

Shree Swaminarayan Temple is a place of celebration or carrying events. You can see people of Indian origin will carry out their weddings in such temples. 

Apart from weddings you can also see various festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Navaratri being celebrated here. This place is a treasure house of various traditional events.

5. Shri Balaji Temple of Aurora

You can find devotees of God in Shri Balaji Temple. In India this place is famous for donating hair, if devotee visits this place than most of them will donate their hair to the God. 

Well you do not have to do the same here, but you can really witness some spiritual beings in this temple. The vibration and energy of this place is what makes it special for devotees.

6. Shree Radhey Shyam Temple

This Temple is one of the must visit hindu temples near chicago. Shree Radhey Shyam temple is in the memory of Lord Krishna and his love Radha. However, life of Lord Krishna was not only about love. Lord Krishna is a true example of being playful and lively in your life. His principles are still used as the way of living life in India. It is a sacred book of Hindu called “Bhagvat Gita”. 

If you visit this place, you will naturally be more calm and meditative than before. The atmosphere of the temple is such that will help you to be focused on your meditation for a longer time. So if you want quite a time with yourself, and do not want to visit a crowded area this is the place to go.  

7. Manav Seva Mandir

Manav Seva Mandir literally means the temple that helps or serves humans. So apart from traditional Indian weddings and various cultural activities you can enjoy some real Indian dishes. 

Various type of rices like tamarind, and pulao (rice with different vegetables), Dosas, Idli and other famous and healthy Indian dishes are available here. If you want to try Indian food and know about Indian culture then this place is must-visit place for you

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