best places for Indian Food in the United States

10 Best Places For Indian Food In The United States

There are numerous kinds of foods from different nations around the globe. Amazingly, you can get nearly any kind of food, regardless of where you live around the globe. While cooking at home can be excellent, it’s lots of fun to head out to an eatery with a friend and have them help in the …

Most popular Indian dishes

Top 15 Most Popular Indian Dishes Everyone Must Try

Indian Cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines, which is characterised by its sophisticated and subtle use of many spices and regional varieties. Within India, there are many varieties of food based on the different regions, but it is mainly divided into north-Indian and South- Indian food.  South-Indian food mainly focuses on veg dishes, …

10 Foods You Should Include In Your Ayurvedic Diet

An ayurvedic diet encourages mindful, healthy eating and consuming certain appropriate foods to cure the imbalance of certain dosha. The body of each person is different, and so is their dosha.  In the human body, three types of dosha are found – vata, pitta and Kapha. And these doshas are derived from five elements of …

Best Indian Restaurants In Chicago

10 Best Indian Restaurants In Chicago

What makes a restaurant in a great restaurant city one of the tops? It is a delicate combination of fresh food, innovative presentation, cutting-edge ideas, interesting combinations, plus price, ambiance, and service. These 10 places promise an unforgettable experience and unique taste of Chicago. Some places are more expensive than others. It’s not just a …

Indian Keto Recipies

5 Indian Keto Recipies One Should Try On Ketogenic Diet

Introduction India is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups and locations, each with its own distinct culinary traditions. They form a diversified country, with cuisine that pays tribute to the country’s regions via flavorful dishes. With these must-try Indian keto recipies, you can enjoy substantial and healthful keto Indian meals. Indian cuisine is …

Desi Snacks Recipes

5 Quick & Easy Desi Snacks Recipes Everyone Must Try

Without snacking, life would be pretty dull. There are desi snacks for every occasion – and no occasion! – from evening tea time to rainy afternoons, from after-school goodies to party munchies. Some easy desi snacks are best consumed fresh and hot at home, while others are better savored in the company of friends on …

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