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Indian immigrants in the United States are frequently in the search of Indian desi groceries businesses near their homes. The Indian taste misses Indian spices and veggies, thus having an Indian grocery store close is a crucial factor when choosing a house or apartment. Although Indian foods are increasingly available in conventional grocery shops, the variety of Indian items from various areas of India is frequently only found at Indian supermarkets.

Following are the best places where you can buy desi groceries in the US:


Desifieds has a large range of Indian groceries, ready-to-eat snacks, sweets, Indian drinks, bakery products, cosmetics, health supplements, and nutritional products. They also have listings for other categories like Cars, Jobs, and Businesses.

Indian traders can register as sellers on Desifieds through a scheme. This initiative aims to make a wider choice of Indian items available to the Asian Indian population in the United States. The corporation is constantly adding new goods to its repertoire.

Patel Brothers

Patel Brothers is a rapidly expanding Indian supermarket business with locations across the country. They sell a variety of items, including spiritual herbs and spices, house-made spice blends, health and beauty goods, and more. The majority of their items are imported straight from India, and they feature a unique range of Indian microwave meals and snacks that you won’t find anywhere else.

Patel Brothers also offer an online store where you can purchase many of their non-perishable items, allowing you to buy from anywhere in the country. You may get Indian recipes for anything from appetizers to well-known dinner meals to dessert on their website.

India Bazar

Plano, Texas is the headquarters of India Bazar. Kishore Pabari and his family launched the firm in 2004. The firm imports groceries from India and the Indian subcontinent, as well as other Asian countries. From India Bazar, you may buy a top and regional favorite brands from India, as well as a variety of items from surrounding countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines, to mention a few.


Pragathi.com serves Indians in the United States as much more than an online food shop. With over 20,000 product and service entries in more than 30 categories, it is the largest Indian portal in the United States.

Pragathi.com sells Indian clothes, handicrafts, home décor, religious supplies, and a variety of other items in addition to food. It was first released in August of 2013. According to the website, it has over 30 classed areas for individuals to share their products and services online, and it has over 1.3 million unique visits each year.

Vedic Pro

Vedic Pro is one of the most well-known online Indian grocery stores, especially for their low prices: Vedic Pro will match any other online Indian grocery store’s pricing for the identical product. They sell a wide selection of food, health, beauty, and lifestyle products, some of which are supplied from India and others which are more often found in a grocery shop. You may also purchase Indian incense and kitchenware.

Vedic Pro’s overall assortment provides several well-known Indian-brand items that Indian immigrants frequently seek. Vedic Pro also promotes their organic food variety, so if you’re searching for organic Indian cuisine, they could be a good fit.


Indiangrocery.com is a nationwide Indian grocery shop with a focus on organic items. They even offer an organic area where you can get organic versions of your favorite Indian snacks, recipes, and spices. Indiangrocery.com has a tool that allows you to search for items by brand. Many Indian immigrants buy at these sites in search of certain brands, which you can readily locate at Indiangrocery.com.


KhanaPakana was founded in 2006 and claims to have more than 2.5 million monthly users. The Floral Park, a New York-based firm is one of the biggest online marketplaces for Indian foods in the United States.

According to the KhanaPakana website, it is run by a group of foodies. In the United States and Canada, the firm is the largest importer, distributor, and retailer of Indian grocery products. This website also allows you to purchase things from other Asian nations.


Most Indians who moved to the United States used to bring a lot of Indian foods with them because they were difficult to come by in the United States. Currently, Desi grocery stores may be found in practically every state in the United States. Almost every essential Indian item, from Indian spices to regional products, is accessible in the supermarkets. Dals, Indian pickles, Indian sweets, and other regional Indian foods are also sold at the stores. Many foods are also available in canned, frozen, or fresh vegetable form.

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