best places for Indian Food in the United States

There are numerous kinds of foods from different nations around the globe. Amazingly, you can get nearly any kind of food, regardless of where you live around the globe. While cooking at home can be excellent, it’s lots of fun to head out to an eatery with a friend and have them help in the kitchen while enjoying delicious food to eat.

The following restaurants go far beyond the stereotypes regarding what an Indian restaurant should offer. They serve alternatives to dishes such as dosa, which is a crepe made out of lentils and rice, to Indo-Chinese food such as spicy stir-fried noodles and street food staples. 

Here are some of the best places for Indian Food in the United States.

Bombay Chopsticks By India House 

For those who enjoy Indian food but would like to experience something different, a visit to Bombay Chopsticks at India House in Chicago, Illinois, might be the perfect option your taste buds are looking for. The restaurant serves an afternoon buffet that is served during the afternoon before it is open for dinner on the weekends.

Whatever time of the day you visit Bombay Chopsticks, you’re bound to experience a memorable and delicious dining experience. It’s not just a place to eat Indian food. It’s a restaurant specialising in a mix of Indian and Chinese cuisines. 

Ravi Kabob House 

Ravi Kabob House is an Indian restaurant that is located in Arlington, Virginia. Despite the name being “kabob” in it, there’s more on the menu, other than Kabobs, but we’d be completely happy if you chose one.

The menu of this delicious Indian restaurant features things such as Samosas, an array of kabobs made from various kinds of meats, and a wide selection of flatbreads and mezzas. 


Cumin is another modern and newly established Indian restaurant that just launched in the United States. It provides delicious and authentic cuisine. The menu is popular with Americans in comparison to Indians. They are known for their wide variety of Indian dishes like lamb kebabs with chicken tikka masala as well as chicken tandoori. 

If you’re not a lover of spicy food, you can select from the many Nepalese food items available at Cumin Restaurant. Cumin Restaurant. Chicken momos are among the most well-known Nepali dishes served in the restaurant.

Bijju’s Little Curry Shop 

Biju’s serves Indian fast-casual dining at its best. There aren’t white tablecloths. Instead, you will find a simple but delicious menu of South Indian-inspired dishes. Although beef isn’t a common feature on many Indian food menus, Biju’s offers excellent masala beef. It is cooked with ginger and garlic and served with basmati rice. 

The fans of heat will be delighted by their X-Hot Vindaloo Chicken Bowl. It is, as the name implies, the fluffy rice served with chicken that has been cooked in ground ginger and spice that is extra hot. 

Chai Pani 

Chai Pani, which means tea and water, is considered one of the most renowned Indian restaurant chains in the United States. The chef here pays a lot of attention to the traditional aspects that are part of Indian street food while accommodating the rules. 

Bring a full stomach to ensure you can eat a Sloppy Jai, which is a spiced halal lamb hash sandwiched between two griddle buns, as well as an order of samosa Chaat, which is two samosas come with a chickpea stew, and lots of Chutney. Drink up, too; as the name suggests, Chai Pani makes an extremely good masala Chai. 

Indian Accent 

Indian Accent has enthralled Delhi for a long time and finally came to the US in 2016, and you would never have seen Indian food this delicious before. Keema is a typical dish of minced meat served with mini buns for scooping. But the exception here is that the dish is made with soy crumbles, transformed to taste like ethereal animal protein, shedding its usual flavour. 

Every dish is served with stunning aesthetic plating that almost will make you forget everything. The butter kulcha or flatbread is filled with mushrooms from morel, smoked bacon as well as butter chicken. If you choose to go with Indian Accent to eat one thing, you should try the Makhan malai, a gorgeous swirl of creamy whipped cream which is flavoured with saffron and finished with rose petal Brittle. 

August 1Five 

August 1 Five, which is an Indian restaurant in San Francisco. Although the costs at this place are more expensive in comparison to other establishments, however, the people who frequent it claim it’s worth the price to get this meal.

August 1 Five offers an extremely hip, fashionable approach to traditional Indian food. The restaurant is vegan-friendly as well as vegetarian choices, and there are also choices for those who prefer meat. Some of the dishes that are available include tandoori-fried chicken, waffles as well as pulled pork kulcha as well as spiced Indian sliders.  


Adda can be described as a place to eat in Long Island City, New York. This tiny restaurant may be somewhat crowded; however, for those who really want to get an experience of the delicious Indian cuisine while visiting New York, it’s a must.

Adda serves a range of diverse food items. The menu offers vegetarian and vegan options, such as chilli paneer and tandoori the tikka. Alongside those options, there are vegan and vegetarian options, such as Bheja fry and rara gosht.

Ghee Indian Kitchen 

Ghee Indian Kitchen is an Indian restaurant that is located within Miami, Florida, that serves dishes that are authentic Indian meals made using locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant has a contemporary, industrial feel upon entering, and patrons are enthralled by the fact that the whole restaurant is filled with the aromas from the ingredients they prepare their food with.

Ghee Indian Kitchen has a vast menu that includes many different dishes, from appetizers and snacks to desserts. A few of the items Ghee Indian Kitchen has on their menu are saag paneer curry and channa masala, and ninam Ranch churrasco.

Tiffin Asha 

Tiffin Asha is an Indian restaurant located in Portland, Oregon, that is popular with those who live in Portland and are looking to experience south Indian food. The restaurant serves a broad selection of dishes available on their menu, ranging from the menu, which is served for lunch and dinner, as well as a brunch menu.

The dishes that are available are chicken pakora, Indian fry bread and pistachio kulfi. The majority of customers who come to Tiffin Asha enjoy the various dip sauces served along with the dosas offered. 

Final Words

These are some of the best places for Indian food in the United States, where you can enjoy Indian food with friends and family.

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