Kalamkari Shawls For Women

In this age of rapid fashion, there is something timeless and unique about handicrafts that are traditional. This is among the reasons they’ve not lost their charm despite having been around for over 1000 years. The likelihood is that these weaving practices are not going to go away.

“Taroob” begins its journey within these weaving practices that cover the wide and deep of our nation. The brand is a celebration of traditional crafts and believes in the preservation of the traditions of India. They strive to incorporate these traditional methods in creating modern style and fashion.

Within the impressive variety of traditional crafts, women’s shawls have a prominent spot. These beautiful and versatile pieces can add elegance to any outfit and are a reminder of the rich history of India. In this blog we’ll present you with five kinds of traditional women’s shawls from India.

What is a Shawl?

A shawl can be described as a huge piece of cloth that is typically rectangular in design. It is usually worn on the shoulder or wrapped over your body to help combat winter chills.

They were created during the time of the ancient civilizations, where they were a must-have garment for women and men. They were a fundamental piece of clothing that was easy to weave, and ready for use.

Then they began to serve as a form of protection from the elements and as a sign of respect and status in society. In Indian societies, they are employed in religious ceremonies. They’ve been and remain one of the most valuable objects in all of the world.

Some of the most renowned Shawls from India that are adorned with GI tags include Pashmina Shawl, Kullu Shawl, Kinnauri Shawl, and Naga Shawl. They are famous for their high-end fabric and offer warmth in winter. For a long time the shawls for women were made by skilled craftsmen.

Its Importance as an Accessory or a Clothing Piece

Women’s shawls have a huge cultural significance. They showcase the distinct art of weaving and are part of the cherished intangible cultural heritage from different areas of our nation.

Traditional weaves have motifs that are localized which tell the history and tales of the states of their origin, and occasionally the weaving community that is associated with these types of shawls. They also typically utilize raw materials easily accessible in the specific areas of the nation to where these shawls have their earliest roots.

Shawls can be a hint of class and style and are frequently utilized as accessories. They can elevate any outfit. Since the beginning of time, the shawl was an integral component of traditional attire and has been a symbol for different styles of culture. Since the rise of fashion and style the shawl has been transformed into contemporary clothing and represents admiration and reverence in India’s rich history.

5 Types of Shawls That Every Woman Should Own

Naga Shawls

The state of Nagaland is located in the northeast. Nagaland, Naga shawls are an expression of tribal art and culture. They are crafted with vibrant colors and distinctive geometric designs, and each tells a story of the Naga people’s distinct heritage and culture. The possession of a Naga Shawl doesn’t just add an explosion of color to your wardrobe, but also promotes and encourages the traditional craft of the Naga people.

Pashmina Shawls for Women

As I mentioned previously, Pashmina shawls are a real beauty, brimming with elegance and luxury. They are soft and warm, making them great to wear for cold evenings or formal events. An authentic Pashmina woman’s shawl is not just an investment in the quality of craftsmanship, but also a gorgeous display of the incredible nature in the Himalayan region.

Kalamkari Shawls for Women

Kalamkari is an old Indian art technique that involves painting intricate designs onto fabrics with natural dyes. Kalamkari shawls for women are an ode to the talent of Indian artisans. They are awe-inspiring hand-painted designs, they depict mythological tales, nature and folklore. Wearing the Kalamkari shawl isn’t only a way to show that you appreciate art but it can assist you in understanding the rich culture of India.

Pattu Shawls

Originating from the State in Tamil Nadu, Pattu shawls are an expression of elegance and opulence. These shawls are made from beautiful silk threads, and adorned with intricate designs and patterns. This makes them an ideal option for special occasions or celebrations. A Pattu shawl lets you bring a little bit of Indian southern grace as well as the regal past wherever you travel.

Himroo Shawls

Himroo Shawls are from the historic city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. They are an exquisite combination of cotton and silk. The two fabrics are expertly knitted to create amazing designs that show the way Indian art was inspired by Mughal culture. Himroo Shawls are extremely light and versatile. They can be worn at formal and casual occasions.


Incorporating the elegance of traditional handicrafts such as those of Naga and shawls Pashmina Shawls Kalamkari shawls Pattu shawls and Himroo shawls lets us be awed by the talent that skilled Indian artisans and carry a piece the past with us. As a brand with global reach “Taroob” is dedicated to promoting and protecting these unique arts designs. The brand is working to make a connection between traditional and modern fashion. Therefore, you should adorn yourself with these stunning shawls, and let your personality be heard.

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